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Wat Mixai (Vientiane)
On both sides of the entrance gate of Wat Mixai temple in Vientiane, stands a nyak, a giant guardian. If you hear the singing of children, that would be because there is a school on the temple compound.

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Wat Mixai, Vientiane
Photo: GothPhil
The main temple hall, the sim, has a nice front with woodcarvings against a backgound of blue mosaics. Also the gold-covered woodcarvings of the windows and doors, is combined with mosaics, making it a very colourful building. Walking around the sim on the open walkway, you can see some white stupas along the outside wall. These are funeral stupas and many of them have Chinese inscriptions.

The entrance of the temple is on Thanon Setthathirat and it open daily between 09:00 and 17:00. For the location of this temple and others, look at the Interactive map of Vientiane.