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Savannakhet (city)
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Savannakhet is the capital of Savannakhet Province, in the south of Laos. In 2005 the city was renamed to Kaysone Phomvihane, the name of the former president, but most people continue to use the name Savannakhet. Voorheen heette de stad Muang Khanthaboul

It is a charming little town strategically located on the trade routes from Thailand to Vietnam. This is the most densely populated part of Laos. No wonder that this is where the infamous Ho Chi Minh trail begins.

The city still has many French colonial house and some interesting Temples. One of them is the That Ing Hang. This temple was built in the 16th century and is considered one of the most sacred Temples of Laos. But there are also some Vietnamese Temples and a big Catholic church to be visited. Every morning you can witness the monks going out on the street to collect their alms. The city is a good base for those wanting to visit the Phu Xang Hae NBCA.

Savannakhet town - Click to see more photos
Savannakhet town
Photo: Cindy Florez

Savannakhet Town - Click for larger map
Savannakhet Town
Savannakhet-Outskirts - Click for larger map